hi. i’m grace.

i help great companies do good
and help good people do great.

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Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

I’m working on a list of resources for women entrepreneurs, not necessarily based in Houston, that include accelerator programs, education, tools, potential funding opportunities, meaningful networking, etc. If you have any to add, please include them in the... read more

Let It Go

I have this habit of wanting everything to appear “perfect” before I share it with the world. The problem with that attitude is that nothing is ever “perfect,” so I sabotage myself from sharing so many worthwhile and fun things, and often... read more

This Week, I’m Just a Humanist

…okay, so I’m a Humanist every week. But today I felt like changing my Twitter bio to that one identifier: Humanist. Because of Mike Brown and Ferguson. Because it’s the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, and people are still struggling for... read more

Love Worth Spreading

If there’s one thing about TEDActivists, it’s that we all believe in making something, anything, EVERYTHING, better. Especially if we have the opportunity and resources to. Which is why I’m writing this post.

read more

Work With Me

If there’s a tough question or a wicked challenge you’d like me to help you with, please read my work manifesto first; and if you’re a kindred spirit who gets it, please contact me at the bottom of that page. Thanks!
Work With Me