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Talking “Radical Hospitality” at TEDxSantoDomingo

When Freddy Arturo Ginebra invited me to speak at TEDxSantoDomingo, I was simultaneously honored, excited, and scared. What could I add to our community conversations? What would be insightful and impactful? What is my idea worth spreading? Thankfully, thought and... read more

“I Want to Pick Your BRAAAAINNNNSSSS!!!”

Whenever someone says to me, “I’d love to pick your brain. Can we grab coffee sometime?” I immediately want to run screaming, “ZOMBIEEEEEES!!!….” The tougher thing now is when a friend introduces someone to me who’d like to “pick my brain”: I want to save face for my friend, but geez, I don’t want to feel obligated to let the FoF (Friend-of-Friend) pick my brain just because they know someone who knows me. I read this article — https://www.linkedin.com/…/learning-say-introductions-sloan… — and decided I’m going to make rules of introduction for myself, just like I did with my “Work With Me” page (http://gracerodriguez.com/workwithme).

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Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

I’m working on a list of resources for women entrepreneurs, not necessarily based in Houston, that include accelerator programs, education, tools, potential funding opportunities, meaningful networking, etc. If you have any to add, please include them in the... read more

Notes for My Talk with Houston New Leaders Council

In the spirit of “radical transparency” and letting go of “perfection,” here are my notes for today’s talk. I repeat a few things a few times because they’re important and deserve many mentions.

How do Technology & Entrepreneurship play a role in Progressive Leadership?

Author & NYU Professor Clay Shirky:

“A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools, it happens when society adopts new behaviors.”

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Let It Go

This post won’t be perfect. It won’t be comprehensive. It won’t ask and answer all the questions I have about ideas of “perfection” and lean+agile processes and neuroscience and behavioral psychology and design thinking and concepts of personal identity and the media and social pressures and norms. I just have to let those go until the next post. And the next post. And the one after that. And maybe by letting those items go until future posts, it will help me develop a better habit of posting more frequently.

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Work With Me

If you have a tough question or a wicked challenge you’d like me to tackle, or a design or innovation challenge you’d like a fresh pair of eyes and perspective on, please click the link below and read my work manifesto.

If you’re a kindred spirit who gets it and believes we’re on the same page, please contact me at the base of that page. Thank you!

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