It has been such a delight to work with Culture Pilot over the past few years — those de-gorgeous people really jive with the groove in my heart! — but it’s time to move on to the nth hoop.

As of September 2013, I’m no longer Culture Piloting. Instead, I’ll be C2 Creating. And Google Glass Exploring. And Innovation+Technology Advising. And strategic partnering. And speaking. And, of course, always multidimensionally @GraceRodriguez-ing.

While I’m still working with CP on passion projects (like TEDxHouston!), you can now find the funky side of me at:

Many thanks to all of the Pilots for the de-lovely times at 3210 White Oak, and for the delicious times to come. I couldn’t ask for another!

From the heart,

This is a version of my CP email autoresponder — posting it here in case people are still trying to reach me at CP.