I have this habit of wanting everything to appear “perfect” before I share it with the world. The problem with that attitude is that nothing is ever “perfect,” so I sabotage myself from sharing so many worthwhile and fun things, and often prevent myself from being timely with ideas as I push them back until a deadline stops me from procrastinating any longer.

I am putting a stop to that with this post. This post won’t be perfect. It won’t be comprehensive. It won’t ask and answer all the questions I have about ideas of “perfection” and lean+agile processes and neuroscience and behavioral psychology and design thinking and concepts of personal identity and the media and social pressures and norms. I just have to let those go until the next post. And the next post. And the one after that. And maybe by letting those items go until future posts, it will help me develop a better habit of posting more frequently.

So here’s this simple little thought. And until the next post, cheers to letting go of “perfection”! I hope you’ll join me in embracing IMperfection. It’s actually quite beautiful.