When Freddy Arturo Ginebra invited me to speak at TEDxSantoDomingo, I was simultaneously honored, excited, and scared. What could I add to our community conversations? What would be insightful and impactful? What is my idea worth spreading?

Thankfully, thought and time presented a few ideas; and current history and politics helped focus them into one major theme: Radical Hospitality. It’s what we practiced at events like TEDActive and Web of Change, and it’s what we used to practice in our own homes and communities. Radical hospitality was a tradition ingrained in our culture — it was just basic hospitality in cultures all over the world — until some illness, some ill-will, spread through our communities and tipped the balance toward Fear — that other “F” word.

Well, here’s my talk on that. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you’ll let me know what you think about it, or what it inspires you to think about. And most importantly, I hope it encourages you to open your minds, open your hearts, and open your doors to let yourself explore the world without fear, and to fearlessly welcome others in. heart emoticon http://j.mp/grace-tedxsantodomingo‪#‎OpenUpward‬ ‪#‎DareGreatly‬ ‪#‎HackingLife‬

P.S. Muchísimas gracias and a billion besitos to all the radically hospitable people who organized ‪#‎TEDxSantoDomingo‬ and welcomed us into their amazing family — Freddy, Carlos Miranda Levy, Gina Giudicelli, Javier Freites Capitán, Miguel Mercado, Nohemí Pérez and the whole team! — and many thanks to the speakers who shared their time, thoughts, feedback, jitters, and vasos de vino with me, especially David Simpson Author andJenny Simpson, Joshua Mantz, Charlie Hoehn, Nelson Bruno, Anya Damirón, Yolanda León, Edgar Molina, Maria Batlle and Jose Maria Cabral! As Anya would say, You Are ALL Super! heart emoticon