I love helping people grow, connect, communicate, collaborate and conceive innovative solutions around great ideas. As a result, I’ve cultivated comprehensive skills and expertise doing this over decades and across multiple industries, so I take it very seriously. If I decide to take on your project, you can rest assured that it’s because I genuinely care about it and will devote myself to helping you achieve the results you want. Keep in mind, though, that I expect you to do the same.

So if you want a bunch of cheap patches to a big problem instead of a more thoughtful solution, please move on to another prospect now. I say that with the utmost respect, and sincerely appreciate you considering me for your business. I will not in good conscience, however, demean your project with inefficient, ineffective Frankenwork.* I like to develop innovative solutions for worthwhile challenges, and subsequently decline requests for tactics over strategy or “stunts” over meaningful engagement. Good solutions shouldn’t be cheapened by a lack of “big picture” thinking. I hope you won’t settle for a cheap solution, anyway. You deserve better. Your organization deserves better.

“Work is not a job.”

I love what I do, so I’m constantly doing it. I’m the ongoing accumulation of decades of experience, education, skills, insights and creativity. So I charge by project, not time. I believe in selling you results, not hours. Your time is priceless. So is mine. Let’s keep it that way, and focus on how to exchange fair value, instead.** (Also, time-billers can only make more money by stretching out the time it takes to complete a project, so why incentivize someone to drag your project out? It’s the exact opposite of striving to achieve the best solution for you as quickly as possible.)

Along the line of keeping our time precious, I promise to provide you with the most compelling proposal and best ideas and insights I can offer, but I won’t waste either of our time trying to undercut the value of my peers’ or my own work in order to see who can “win” the smallest paycheck for the best efforts. At some point, “competitive” pricing can become exploitative. People who low-ball their services to win work ultimately bring down all professionals who take their work and expertise seriously. If we continuously undercut each other, we end up crippling our businesses with unsustainable revenue that results in unpaid bills, unhealthy practices and unhappy families over the long term. That’s not the best way to support our local communities or grow our economy. We who work hard to provide good work deserve better. So I don’t do it. I also don’t recommend that others do it, nor do I recommend anyone who does it.

I do, however, donate full-value services to non-profit organizations and initiatives that serve creative communities, foster innovation and/or address health, education and social equity. I also offer subsidized services to social entrepreneurs who have demonstrated their progress and triple-bottom-line impact. I strongly believe in giving back and paying it forward. Please contact me through the form below if you’d like to discuss that.

The strategic value I would love to empower you with to leap tall buildings and boldly go where no one has gone before can be just as cost-effective as hiring someone else at a lower rate to do a poor job, then having to backtrack and re-do the work the right way…which is an unfortunate horror story I’ve heard from many growing companies who thought they could save money by hiring cheap service providers. My goal is not to take your money, but to help you figure that out how to develop your brand and successfully grow your venture so that we’re both proud of the results. If you are just as committed to that as I am, I will make sure that our mutual investment in your success proves worthwhile. Even if our work together ultimately ends in a learning opportunity, it will still result in opportunity.

Ultimately — as soon as you’re ready — I want you to start benefiting from us working together to improve your business or venture. If you made it this far, I’m sure we agree that reaping the rewards of thoughtful, impactful results as soon as possible would be ideal. Remember: Time is precious. Let’s spend it wisely on making something amazing. And let’s get started ASAP!

* Frankenwork is work that’s been cobbled and patched together from bits and pieces of various, often disjointed, tactical efforts, rather than crafted holistically from a comprehensive core strategy.

** The only time I would change my rates is if you made it difficult for me to work with you. In which case, a PITA fee would be implemented to offset the additional “moment of zen” retreats and deep tissue massages necessary to ensure my brain and body were optimally functioning and maintain my sanity!

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