…okay, so I’m a Humanist every week. But today I felt like changing my Twitter bio to that one identifier: Humanist. Because of Mike Brown and Ferguson. Because it’s the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, and people are still struggling for equality.


I didn’t want to post any of the graphic photos from the situation because there’s already quite a bit of disturbing footage out there if you search for it. I think this cartoon by Jon Kudelka captures the gist of the situation, though. Interestingly, it’s from the Iraq invasion in 2004. It was recirculated after a fully-militarized Ferguson police force established their presence at a peaceful protest in the days after the killing of Mike Brown:
Don't Shoot - Jon Kudelka 2004

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Before Ferguson, my bio read:

@TEDTalks @TEDActive Creative Director. @C2Create Founder. @SXSW & @TEDx Speaker. Houston Innovation & Tech Advisor. @TEDxYouthHOU & @TEDxHouston Curator.

Tag heavy. Work and achievement focused. But that’s more of what I do, not all of who I am. And this week, I feel like being more of “me,” without the titles and without having to add the disclaimers “Tweets my own” and “RTs are not endorsements.” So to save any of my affiliated organizations from my opinions, I’ll keep them off my bio for now. When they have their own thoughts on topics, they tend to share them of their own accord, anyway. Like one of them does here, here and here.

This week, I’m just a Humanist. If you want to be human with me, please find me on Twitter.